Real estate litigation

Commercial real estate litigation deals with income-generating real estate projects and properties in a wide variety of areas including office buildings, apartment buildings and condominium developments, retail centers, hotels, and specialty and industrial properties.

It is not out of the ordinary for litigation to arise at one stage or another when real estate is involved. It could be related to financing, acquisition, development, construction, leasing, or perhaps portfolio management. The dispute issues can also be as varied as the projects and parties themselves.



How Each Party Can Be Affected

If you’re a developer, litigation issues can arise with the land seller over sales and purchase agreements; with local municipalities over entitlements and zoning; and with contractors over cost overruns, construction bidding, delays and construction defects.

Contractors may face litigations due to cost overruns, delays in projects, or construction defects.

Lenders are not immune to legal review, whether it is the recovery of collateral, change in lending terms, or non-committal to a loan agreement.

Finally, regarding property owners, disputes issues can arise with commercial and retail tenants over unpaid rent, right of first refusal, or repair and restoration obligations.

A commercial real estate litigation attorney can help resolve conflicts and also guide you on the best way to maintain amicable contractual relations. Ultimately, they will help you stay out of court. Legal action is a time consuming and expensive route that should only come as of last resort.

Our real estate litigation lawyers represent clients in all manner of disputes concerning real estate in state, federal, and local courts. We have years of experience representing real estate owners, developers, agents, institutional capital providers and title companies. We have previously worked with national banks, opportunity funds, investment banks, liquidating portfolios and hedge funds.


How Can Versant Law Help in Your Real Estate Litigation?

Versant Law provides cost-effective and superior real estate litigation services to clients of all sizes and scopes. Our experienced attorneys have successfully built an impressive track record in resolving real estate disputes relating to the following areas:

  • Real estate construction and development projects
  • Real estate investments
  • Leases and related agreements
  • Real-estate finance disputes
  • Title insurance disputes
  • Lender liability claims
  • Purchase and sale agreement litigation
  • Homeowner association disputes
  • Mortgage lender and fraud disputes
  • Commercial loan securitizations
  • Fraudulent conveyance disputes
  • Land-use zoning and restriction
  • Subdivision development
  • Construction defects
  • Construction loans and contracts
  • Easement rights and boundary disputes
  • Insurance claims and disputes
  • Commercial landlord/tenant disputes
  • Property Management disputes
  • Wrongful foreclosure
  • Predatory Lending


Why choose us?

Real estate ligations can involve a wide range of disputes, each with its unique challenges that require specific skills and expertise. If you’re dealing with any of the above issues, we can help. Our real estate ligation attorneys are skilled litigators with impressive experience in real estate litigation and investment.

We handle both commercial and residential issues and represent owners, developers, investors, landlords, banks and other lenders, homeowner associations, real-estate agent firms and individuals. We also help in analyzing the risk profiles of real estate projects in advance to avoid and minimize the occurrence of disputes in future.


What We Do

In relation to purchase and sale: we resolve disputes that involve real estate buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, and lenders. Such conflicts may cover breaches of contracts, property defects, valuation issues, or a pending court case.

With regards to titles: our commercial real estate litigation attorneys will settle problems that may prevent a buyer from taking ownership. We resolve issues that bring restrictions on ownership and use of a real estate property.

When a mortgage is involved: Versant Lawyers are skilled in handling foreclosures, actions for possession, judicial sale, and discharge of mortgage applications. We work with buyers as well as lenders.

In case of commercial leasing: in this case, our services cover a wide array of areas, including lease defaults, lease claims, evictions and terminations, actions for loss/damages, rent rate arbitration, and exclusivities.

We invite you to contact us today for an initial consultation to figure out available options for resolving your real-estate problem.