Emissions Reduction/Climate Change

Regardless of your stance, climate change is a topic that continues to get more attention than ever before, and not one that is likely to disappear anytime soon. As worldwide temperatures continue to rise, we can expect to see a steady increase in legislation to match.

We’re already seeing proposals aimed at slowing the pace of climate change by holding companies legally liable for the environmental damage they’re causing. While this is most notable in Big Oil companies, it signals the start of stricter rules of accountability for the rest of us.

To help you not only stay ahead of the game but capitalize on tax breaks and clean energy incentives, it pays to have a climate change lawyer on your team. An emission lawyer can work with you to analysis your business to see if you’re keeping in line with approved carbon emission levels as well as help you plan for a more sustainable future.

We take great pride in representing investors and developers of emission reduction projects around in the United States and the developing world, working with international, federal, state, and local laws.

Our attorneys are currently negotiating sales of carbon credits relating to waste-to-energy projects and recently validated and submitted for registration with the Clean Development Mechanism of the United Nations the world’s only pan-African landfill gas-to-energy program of activities. 

Additional areas of expertise include:

Green bonds– Federally issued tax exempted bonds created to develop energy efficient, sustainable, low pollution projects and the creation of environmentally friendly technologies.

Renewable energy projects– Including hydro, solar, wind, and biofuel initiatives

Carbon Credits– We can advise you on the amount of carbon emissions a company is allowed to produce, and how to trade them if not fully utilized.

Regulatory Advice– Our extensive knowledge of current and upcoming environmental regulations can be useful when deciding how to structure a company so that it avoids any legal issues in the future.


Think Green with Versant

At Versant, our environmental division has experience in creating workable solutions for a variety of industries. Whether you’re looking to develop programs to promote a more environmentally friendly business, need someone to review your company for any potential violations, or are looking for strategic opportunities to enhance your position concerning current and probable greenhouse gas regulation; we’re confident we can help.

With the world’s attention turned to climate change and carbon reduction targets, there is no time like now to examine your role in this ongoing talk, and take advantage of applicable incentives that can help make you a front-runner in your industry.

In this new age, it is not possible to ignore the size or effect of your environmental footprints. Having a sector-specific emission lawyer, familiar with complex issues related to carbon trading and will help mitigate legal risk while setting you up for success.

Climate change demands new ideas for a carbon-intensive world, at Versant, that’s exactly what we bring to the table.