Construction Law

Construction law covers a number of legal aspects of a construction project, ranging from employment laws, to safety regulations, contracts, negotiations, and settling legal disputes whenever they arise. Without a professional construction attorney, any one of these issues might undermine a project’s success.

A development project brings many parties together including owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, lenders, workers, and suppliers, each with their own agenda. With so many completing factions, it is imperative to have someone on your side to navigate through the logistics and make sure your interest are being protected.


Service Areas of a Construction Attorney

A construction lawyer is tasked with dealing with any legal problem that arises before, during, and after development, as long as that issue is related to the project.

That includes dealing with finances, taxes, contracts, environmental concerns, exposure to crime, insurance, litigation, bonds, and more. In a typical project, a lawyer may be required for the following services:

  • Legal counsel

Construction attorneys are on hand to explain and interpret various contracts, agreements, and legal documents of a project to all parties involved.

  • Obtaining land

This is especially applicable to commercial construction law. The attorney may be called upon to help the owner, or contractor, acquire the land for the project with favorable conditions.

  • Negotiating with financiers

In case the project is financed using a loan, the lawyer may be required to negotiate for a higher amount and better terms of lending from a financial institution.

  • Documentation

Any construction project includes drafting legally binding contracts and agreements that may involve the owner, contractor, subcontractor, lender, government authorities (city, county, state and federal governments), workers, and insurer. It is the role of the construction lawyer to ensure that all the necessary documents are drafted, understood, signed, and delivered.

  • Drafting bids

A lawyer may prepare bid requests that the owner can use to source reliable contractors. They are also about to challenge unfairly awarded contracts if needed.

  • Dispute resolution

The complex nature of large scale projects means that at one time or another, a disagreement is bound to occur. It could be caused by costs, employee conditions, quality of work, or opposition from an external body like an environmental agency. When this happens, it is the responsibility of the construction attorney to find an amicable way of solving the dispute.

  • Litigation

If push comes to shove, a dispute could result in legal action. In that case, your construction lawyer will be very important in representing your interests in court.


Construction Law at Versant Law 

At Versant Law, we cover all the above services and more. Our team of dedicated construction lawyers have vast experience working with project owners, contractors, subcontractors, lenders, engineers, surveyors and other parties involved in commercial construction projects.

We offer comprehensive advice and practical services for all legal issues regarding construction. Additionally, our team prepares and delivers all the necessary contracts and agreements, so you can take a hands off approach. In case of litigation, we have the capacity to prosecute or defend, as the situation may require.