Lots of law firms make vague promises of superior service; however, at Versant, we set ourselves apart from other firms by providing:

1. Prompt Response. We endeavor to respond to client calls and emails on or before the end of the next business day and in any event within two business days.

2. Detailed Scope of Work. Depending on the matter and at the request of our client, we will develop in advance written scopes of work detailing to the extent possible the work to be performed and the anticipated timeframe necessary to complete the work. When things change, we promptly alert our clients, notifying them of the changes and discussing with them the anticipated impact on the scope of work and the timeframe for completion of the work.

3. Regular updates. At Versant we coordinate with our clients on the timing of updates and then report to our clients either on an as needed basis or on a regular schedule depending on the agreement reached with the client.

4. Flexible billing structures. While most of our services are performed on a traditional billable hour basis, depending upon the matter, we will entertain flat fees or a blended rate consisting of a flat fees and a reduced billable hour rate.